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February 2017
Welcome to The Bog monthly newsletter! We look forward to sharing our news and events with you throughout 2017!
On the Course - From Tony - Head Superintendent       
As some of you may have noticed last year, the course had quite a few dead ash trees: 800 to be exact! And, it has been a huge undertaking this past Fall and Winter to remove as many of the dead ash trees before the start of the 2017 golf season. Some areas you will barely notice a change while other areas will show a significant change, Hole 17 being the most noticeable. A few pictures have been included below. Additional holes to take notice: Hole 3 and Hole 8.     By the beginning of the 2017 golf season, approximately 300 ash tress have been removed, 100 of them on Hole 17. 
Hole 17-From the tee box
Hole 17- Close up view of the cluster of trees to the north west; a large portion have already been removed
What the Pros Have to Say
Andy Runkel - Head Golf Professional
Many of you might wonder what a golf professional does during the cold and snowy winter months.  We use this well-deserved down time to focus on programs and events to make the upcoming season a success.  One of my responsibilities in the off-season at The Bog is to order merchandise to ensure our golf shop looks great when we open the doors in the spring.  Some pros use this time to get additional education on teaching and coaching their students.  Lastly, some use their time to travel somewhere warm and play golf.  All the above activities and many more can be achieved at the annual PGA Merchandise show in Orlando, FL. 
I attended this year’s 64th PGA Merchandise show.  Here are a few highlights from my trip:
  • I arrived late afternoon in Orlando on Friday, January 20th.   I am very fortunate to stay with my great friends Rich and CJ.  Their hospitality is unmatched and they make me feel at home every time I visit.  After a few adult beverages, a great meal and some catching up, it was time to get some sleep, a mid-morning tee time the next day awaited. 
  • Saturday, January 21st, I played at the Disney Palm course, former host site of a PGA Tour event.  The course was in great shape and the weather was equally as nice with temps in the low 80s. 
  • Sunday, January 22nd, was the first day of the semi-annual PGA Teaching and Coaching seminar.  This year’s focus was on technology and golf fitness.  It’s very important to keep myself on the cutting edge of technology in my own teaching and as a TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor it is always good to see what some of the world’s greatest teachers/coaches are doing with their professional tour players.  Sunday's line-up was headlined by Golf Channels own Martin Hall, PGA National teacher of the year Mike Adams, putting guru Todd Sones and short game master James Sieckmann. 
  • Monday was the final day of the seminar.  Even though I started the day with a sour taste in my mouth after the previous day’s disaster in the Georgia Dome, my attitude quickly changed with the line-up featured in the seminar.  Several past section and national teachers of the year dominated the morning explaining some best practices they use to help their students achieve goals.  Right before lunch, TPI Founder, Dave Phillips, explained the latest and greatest cameras, launch monitors and 3-D teaching systems on the market.  One specific camera showcased will more than likely find its way into my teaching bag.  The final two segments featured Todd Anderson, swing guru to 25+ tour professionals and his fitness partner, Randy Myers (Randy creates fitness programs for over 30 PGA, LPGA & Champion Tour players) along with Jordan Spieth’s swing coach Cameron McCormick.  Todd and Randy took two club pros from the audience, videoed analyzed their swings and prescribed a couple swing and fitness tips to get these guys tournament ready for 2017.  Cameron gave an up-close and personal look into coaching a young champion.  He talked about the highs, Jordan winning two majors in a season, and the lows - describing in detail Jordan’s reaction to the meltdown at last year’s Masters tournament.
  • Tuesday morning, January 23rd, I went to PGA Demo Day at Orange County National Golf Club.  Their 360 degree 42-acre range is the perfect venue to host more than 100 equipment vendors.  Everything from training aids to range finders to push carts is available to try.  And of course, clubs.  All major (and minor) players in the club industry are on hand to let you demo everything new for 2017.  The nicest caveat is PGA Members ONLY being allowed to use the range tee the first three hours.  This guarantees us access to everything new and we don’t have to wait in a line to sample.  I left the demo day at noon to get in another round of golf, this time at the other Disney course, The Magnolia.  It too, like its sister course the Palm, was in top condition. 
  • My trip ended on Wednesday, January 24th, with a visit to the Merchandise show.  The Orange County Convention Center was an excellent host, allowing more than 40,000 club pros, guests, vendors and golf dignitaries access to their massive exhibit floor and conference space.  I executed several morning appointments and then spent a couple hours exploring new clothing/accessories options to “spice up” our golf shop for the upcoming season.
     As always, The Bog values its customer feedback.  Please look around our golf shop and let us know what your likes and dislikes are.  Consider taking a golf lesson this spring from myself or Chris Van Pietersom.  Hopefully, the things I learned in my seminar will help your game.   I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip and if you ever have an opportunity to attend the PGA Merchandise show, please consider going.
Tasty Info from Chef Ross
It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the fish counter. Which is healthiest? Which is the most sustainable choice? Partly because of all the confusion, more than half of Americans seldom, if ever, eat fish, and if they do, it’s usually at a restaurant. That’s unfortunate because fish, particularly those high in a type of healthful fat called omega-3 fatty acids, can confer substantial health benefits. Moreover, fish is easy to cook at home. Let’s discuss the essentials so you can choose the tastiest, healthiest, and most sustainable fish at the market and enjoy it at your table.
 Fish contains 17 to 25 percent protein and is generally a good source of B vitamins, especially niacin, B12, and B6. Fatty fish are good sources of vitamins A and D. The small, soft, edible bones of fresh sardines and smelts and canned bone-in fish like salmon are valuable sources of calcium. Saltwater fish also contain minerals, including iron, iodine, phosphorus, and selenium. Fish is low in cholesterol (50 to 90 milligrams per 100 grams).
Choose a quality fish market: Choose a fish market with knowledgeable salespeople. Fish should be displayed attractively and surrounded by plenty of clean crushed ice. Be flexible: The best approach to buying and eating fish is to aim for variety. You’ll consume fish of varying omega-3 levels and from a variety of sources without over-dependence on one. Let freshness be your guide. It’s easy to substitute one fish for another (see Types of Fish), so if the mahimahi looks and smells fresher than the pompano, buy it instead.      Handle properly: When shopping, ask for your fish to be packed with a separate bag of crushed ice to keep it cold. Refrigerate whole fish up to two days; fillets and steaks one to two days. Place the fish in a plastic bag, then top with a zip-top plastic bag filled with ice. Thaw frozen fish in the refrigerator. To defrost safely and quickly in one to two hours, place the fish in a sealed plastic bag in a bowl of cold water, changing the water often.      Try whole fish. Whole fish shrink less than fillets when cooking, giving you more value for your per-pound price. Whiting, croaker, porgy, and Pacific rockfish can be great values. Also, consider summer flounder (sometimes called fluke), red snapper, farmed striped bass, and Arctic char.
When buying fresh fish you want……….. • Look for shiny skin; tightly adhering scales; bright, clear eyes; firm, taut flesh that springs back when pressed; and a moist, flat tail. • Gills should be cherry-red, not brownish. • Saltwater fish should smell briny; freshwater fish should smell like a clean pond. • When buying white-fleshed fish, choose translucent-looking fillets with a pinkish tint. • When buying any color fish, the flesh should appear dense without any gaps between layers. • If the fish is wrapped in plastic, the package should contain little to no liquid. • Ask the fishmonger to remove any pin bones, which run crosswise to the backbone. • Choose well-sealed packages from the bottom of freezer case that are at most three months old.   Now find yourself a fish monger and get cooking.
-Chef Ross
Upcoming Events
Mark Your Calendars:
Friday Fish Fry
Friday, March 3rd starting at 5:00pm Call: 262.988.5988 (reservations encouraged)
***The Bog Fish Frys will be available every Friday from March 3rd through April 14th***
Easter Brunch
Sunday, April 16th 10:00am to 2:00pm $28.00 per adult (tax not included) $10.00 per child (tax not included) - ages 4 to 17 Children 3 and under are free $25.00 per Bog member
RSVP: 262.292.0740/ btaylor@golfthebog.com
Mother's Day Brunch
Sunday, May 14th 10:00am to 2:00pm $28.00 per adult (tax not included) $10.00 per child (tax not included) - ages 4 to 12 Children 3 and under are free $25.00 per Bog member
RSVP: 262.292.0740/ btaylor@golfthebog.com
Bog Promotions You Can't Pass Up
Preseason Tickets Preseason tickets are still for sale at $95.00 per ticket! But, this deal will only last until April 1st! Also, for every (2) tickets you purchase, you are entered to win (1) foursome of golf, a complimentary Bog appetizer platter and a $20.00 beverage credit at the clubhouse bar.
Featured Employee of the Month
Chris Van Pietersom - Head Golf Professional
My apprenticeship into the golf business began at Brynwood Country Club working with Head Golf Professional, Carl Unis. At that time, during the winter months, I would travel to South Florida to pursue my trade in competitive golf on what was then called the Gold Coast Mini Tour. I believe it has since became the Nike tour and is now The Web.com Tour. It certainly was a lot of fun and I gained some great experience, but as the story goes, money got tight and I needed a real job.
The next few years, I had the opportunity to work at some wonderful private clubs: North Hills Country Club & Milwaukee Country Club. In 2000, I was called by my good friend and Head Golf Professional, Bill Rabuck, to help assist in the daily operations at The Bog. I haven’t looked back since.  
It’s been an honor to work at a course which I believe to be one of the finest in the state. I’ve been so fortunate to have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful members and golfers that enjoy the same passion for the game as I do. It’s been special to form so many friendships. Also, during this time, I’ve been able to work with many dedicated and passionate people that are always striving to make the golfing experience special. And, with our new owner, The Hammes family and specifically Mike Hammes and the new people here now, the passion and dedication seem even stronger. It’s been a great run and I hope it will continue.
When I’m not working at the course, I’m probably playing golf at a course…hopefully The Bog. Or, competing in Wisconsin PGA Sectional events against other top PGA members.
I enjoy working with and teaching junior golfers. They are open and inventive with momentary upsets that are quickly replaced with marvel and joy.
Also, I enjoy riding my Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle, (no long trips yet) and most outdoor activities, when there is time.
In the off season, it’s time to hit the slopes and go snowboarding or get some exercise and go cross country skiing.
When it’s too cold out, a good book, (ficton or non) helps with the long winter months.
I guess my claim to fame in golf was getting into a 4-man playoff to qualify for the one remaining spot in the Greater Milwaukee Open at Brown Deer Golf Club. Unfortunately for me, I bogeyed the 2nd playoff hole and had to bow out.
Thankfully, I have a real job.
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