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March 2017
Welcome to The Bog monthly newsletter! We look forward to sharing our news and events with you throughout 2017!
On the Course - Tony Gonzalez - Head Superintendent    
It was a race to beat the mild temperatures, but the wetland carry areas have been cut. This annual off-season event is very labor intensive and can be quite challenging. Ice and snow conditions need to be just right in order to move around freely and support the weight of equipment. Without regular cutting, these areas would continue to grow, eventually obstructing the views.  
   Here are a few pictures of the holes we have been working on:
From the Gold Tee on Hole 6
From the Gold Tee on Hole 7
From the Gold Tee on Hole 8
From the Back Tee on Hole 10
- Tony Gonzalez
What the Pros Have to Say - Chris Van Peitersom & Andy Runkel
During the long winter layoff from playing and practicing golf, I notice the first thing that seems to disappear is my timing and feel for the short game shots. I know when the snow starts to melt, everybody wants to get the driver out and start swinging away. But, I’ve found that if I take some time with my shorter shots first, it helps regain my feel and I can transition into my full swing a little bit easier. In my previous work with Todd Sones, here are a few fundamentals that can help everyone become more consistent with their short game shots.    The basic fundamental in short game shots is that the club has to be descending through impact. Understanding this fundamental will allow you to hit all the necessary shots whether you need to hit a pitch off of a tight lie or a high toss shot over a bunker.
    Principle #1 to help achieve this goal is Stand to the Handle.   
Wherever you put the handle, make sure you center yourself to the handle of the golf club. So, if I want to hit a low short game shot, I will move the handle forward and move over and stand to it so the shaft points at my middle and I make sure my spine is straight.  A common mistake I see is when people tilt backwards. They put their hands forward correctly, but then tilt their spine backwards. Whenever your spine is backwards, the club is going to swing upwards only to produce fat and thin shots.
            Principle #2 is simply start the club head first
    Too often, people want to start these smaller swings with either their legs or their hands. At impact, you want the club head, your hands and your body to form a straight line. If I use my legs or hands first to start the club forward, the club will be lagging behind. To help achieve starting the club head first, simply maintain softness in your hands and forearms throughout the motion.
            Principle #3 is to have a Single Pivot Point
   Basically, what this means is that you never want to fall to your backside. When you do that, the club will swing upwards. If I’m going to hit a low shot, I’m going to put a little more weight on my left leg and then pivot around that leg. If I’m going to hit a high shot, I’ll set my weight more fifty-fifty, but I will still pivot around my front leg. Again, the biggest mistake I see with weight distribution is when people fall to their back leg.  And, as you know, when you do that, the club swings upwards producing fat and thin shots    So, before you go out and start swinging away with the big clubs, take a little time and work on the short game shots. Not only will it help with your timing and feel, but you’ll improve at the part of the game that can help your scoring the most.
-Chris Van Pietersom
Upcoming Events
Mark Your Calendars:
Friday Fish Fry
Friday, March 10th starting at 5:00pm Call: 262.988.5988 (reservations encouraged) ***The Bog Fish Frys will be available every Friday from March 10th through April 14th***

Greater Milwaukee Golf Show
March 17-19 Look for The Bog's booth and our Preseason Ticket Specials! 

Easter Brunch
Sunday, April 16th 10:00am to 2:00pm $28.00 per adult (tax not included) $10.00 per child (tax not included) - ages 4 to 17 Children 3 and under are free $25.00 per Bog member
RSVP: 262.292.0740/

Mother's Day Brunch
Sunday, May 14th 10:00am to 2:00pm $28.00 per adult (tax not included) $10.00 per child (tax not included) - ages 4 to 12 Children 3 and under are free $25.00 per Bog member
RSVP: 262.292.0740/
Bog Promotions You Can't Pass Up
Preseason Tickets Preseason tickets are still for sale at $95.00 per ticket! But, this deal will only last until April 1st! Also, for every (2) tickets you purchase, you are entered to win (1) foursome of golf, a complimentary Bog appetizer platter and a $20.00 beverage credit at the clubhouse bar.
Featured Employee of the Month
Staci Oakes-Controller
I started working in hotels when I was 18 years old.  I was a front desk agent and moved to a front desk manager within six months.  I had no intentions of staying in the hotel industry, but my boss convinced me to take the accounting position when it opened up. I was stuck!  I moved to Florida to work at a boutique hotel on the beach.  I stayed there for six months and was recruited by my former boss to take an accounting position in Milwaukee.  I planned on using the job as a stepping stone to get in with a major hotel chain and then transfer around the USA for the next couple decades, however, I met my husband at work, and after nine years of marriage and two children, I have decided to call Wisconsin home!
Ryan is originally from Mequon and very pleased with my choice to work at The Bog!.  We have two energetic boys: Payton (6) and Keller (3).
  In my spare time, I love camping, puzzles, bike rides, spending time outdoors and playing sports with the boys.
Oh, and I was born and raised in Illinois...and I'm a Bears fan...
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